This is the blog of Chris Glynn the Illustrator (as opposed to Christopher Glynn the Concert Pianist, Chris Glynn the Massachusetts tree surgeon, or the prophet Christopher Glyn).  I have been leading the teaching of Illustration at Cardiff School of Art and Design, Cardiff Metropolitan University, since 2007. Co-founder of Illustration Research http://www.illustrationresearch.co.uk.  This blog is 100% illustrative, with infographics, Weekly Doodles – including People on the Train – and Chris Glynn’s Book of Total Utter Nonsense.

“Tell the truth but tell it slant.”  – Emily Dickinson

Hii ni blog ya Chris Glynn Illustrator (kinyume na Christopher Glynn pianist tamasha, Chris Glynn mti Massachusetts upasuaji, au nabii Christopher Glyn). Nimekuwakuongoza mafundisho ya Mchoro katika Cardiff Shule ya Sanaa na Design, Cardiff Metropolitan University, tangu mwaka 2007. Mwanzilishi wa Mchoro http://www.illustrationresearch.co.uk Utafiti. Blog hii ni 100% unaonyesha, pamoja na infographics, doodles kila wiki – ikiwa ni pamoja na Watu katika Train – na Kitabu Chris Glynn wa Jumla ya yasiyo na msingi mkubwa.

“Mwambie ukweli lakini liambie mshazari.” – Emily Dickinson

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. wowzerS! I’m so inspired by your blog. Thank you for showing us all what is possible. Will be visiting often.

  2. Am I allowed to love it too?

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