Link to Parish News Vol. 1 Part 1‘, an illustrated digest for the wider community and an exercise in collage and layout for publication. With students I’ll be looking at creative habits which attach to these processes, ahead of upcoming projects.

Parish newsletters offer odd encounters between the eternal and the prosaic. I thought I might raise the game by replacing clip art with more challenging, uncertain images and captions.

How religions have avoided and engaged with Nonsense and Surrealist conventions  may not be an urgent enquiry but delineation of the divine and administration of public thought remain fascinating and contentious issues.  (If you find yourself pondering questions about the nature of visual imagination in spiritual practices, head to Imagining the Divine at the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology in Oxford, on till 18 February 2018.

Collage sources for the booklet:  André François (1915-2005), Gustave Doré (Orlando Furioso) and other 19th century engravings from Dover anthologies, plus excerpts from a 1950’s annual for children purchased at the House of Illustration.  Max Ernst’s surrealist masterpiece Une Semaine de Bonté is never far away.