cabin3 new thinking games, or Prayers for Cold Weather:

Thought is not easy, so you can approach these in two ways:
a) return to the cabin, switch off all news.
b) find the boundary between wilderness and natural history.

1.The seas are quiet. 

Lower and raise first one thumb then the other as if a dog were pricking up its ears.
Represent the galloping of horses.
Cover with anything smooth and shining.

2. Camden Town Murder
Watch and question those you meet.
Use paint as a pure agent of meaning.
Walk the streets. Miles later, view it more as a process than a structure.

3. Clever People
Go to the theatre – or any elevated, perforated, concrete monolith.
Skip unceremoniously from one subject to another.
Pause between the punchline and the laughter.
Score out of 24 on ‘achieving orientation’.

It is essential that the persons selected agree to complete confidentiality.
Scoring: switch the news back on and reflect on individual agency.
Please note: you have little time to play these kinds of games.


“Did Cornell know what he was doing? Yes, but mostly no. Does anyone fully?
He knew what he liked to see and touch… Dada and surrealism gave him precedent and a freedom.  
I have in mind especially their astonishing discovery that lyric poetry can come out of chance operations. Cornell believed in the same magic, and he was right!  All art is a magic operation,
or,  if you prefer,  a prayer for a new image.”

– Charles SIMIC, A Force Illegible, from Dime-Store Alchemy: the Art of Joseph Cornell