“You gotta AC-CEN-TCHU-ATE the positive,
EE-LIM-IN-ATE the negative, an’ LATCH ON to the affirmative
And don’t mess with Mr. In Between  – Perry Como

Meet Lugus or Lugh, Celtic deity of sun, agriculture and storms, aka Lleu Llaw Gyffes: ‘Bright one with the strong hand’.  More noses than Janus, ultimate multi-tasker: ‘wright, smith, champion, swordsman, harpist, hero, poet, historian, sorcerer and craftsman’. Lugus invented a board game, made 300 wooden cows – with some help surely – and ruled for 40 years. “Many artisans, musicians, bards, and crafters invoke Lugh when they need assistance with creativity” (Google search 2016).

Lugh’s clustergaze urges excitement and trepidation about Saturday’s ‘Liminal Encounters’ pop-up symposium at Cardiff School of Art and Design, featuring the multiple insights of David W Gray, founder of Xplane, author of Gamestorming and The Connected Company. We’re honoured by his visit to Wales to expand upon his latest book ‘Liminal Thinking’

We’ll be asking: To what extent are we agents of change in our own lives? How do core beliefs form? Can they be visually encoded and consciously redirected? If it’s thinking, is it liminal? Does intuition need direction?

The event brings together visual thinkers, ‘liminal coach’ Mike Parker, Director of Coleridge in Wales, singer and facilitator RM Parry, university art school staff and students, public sector managers… There will be talks, conversation, divine Danish pastries from Brød, 3D making and drawing, some meditation, a walk along the Taff and singing in 10 Feet Tall – the diversity seems appropriate.

The downfall of the polymath is into the gaps; Lugh dies by a river. May the Celtic weather gods stay in their element and keep the riverbank dry.

Registration closes Friday 22 April 5pm: call 02920-205898, or contact me