JesterMonk_CGlynn_landscapeReview by Bethan Stevens for CCQ magazine about a recent excursion to the USA with R M Parry exploring exploring antemasque territory between illustration and performance.  The paper which we intentionally ‘failed to deliver’ and one of a series of impromptu ‘Walks on the Edge of Providence’ took place in and around Rhode Island School of Art and Design in November as part of the Illustration Research network’s Illustrator as Public Intellectual symposium. A highlight of this walk was encountering a fleet of art and design campus police cars on the far side of a bus tunnel beneath Brown University, a double-entry Plato’s cave barely a bagel’s throw from the first Baptist church in America and the site of the planning of the attack on HMS Gaspee which started the war of independence in 1772. Links between tunnel and its law enforcement role have yet to be fully mapped.
RM Parry and Bethan Stevens in Providence RI, November 2016 (photo: Chris Glynn)

Further copies of our illustrated paper ‘In and out of the margins Vol. 1: The Book of Common Errors Affirmations’ will be available this year.