City_Speaks_05_Eavedropped_JessJ_CGFascinating to have Friday’s first year feedback session led by guest facilitator Richard Parry. It was liberating not to be leading the conversation, free to step in and out as a reflective observer. One-size-fits-all assessment routines were suspended, and any idea of awarding agricultural rosettes firmly booted into the hedgerows.
City_Speaks_07_Overturned_Chair_Richard_CGRichard enabled an organic sequence of activities to unfold across the day, starting by inviting participants to rearrange the furniture. This sparked mini-revolution and counter-revolution among the chairs, with activists and passivists forming villages, new estates and back-to-back terraces.
City_Speaks_11_Jonny_Lloyd_TobyOut of the morning’s hubbub the idea of conversation-as-exhibition resonated, along with the simple power of standing up and locating your work in a space. By the end of the day, having explored different levels and uses of the building, bathed our eyes, explored architectural slavery and the gothic imagination through drawing, the conversation turned to social stamina. Against the lure of virtual communication, the comforts of isolated practice and the weekend ahead, it was wonderful to have reaffirmed the potential for artistic ensemble and the importance of digging in to establish living artistic communities.