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How to Draw, Listen and Talk at the same time? Trying different ways to record Cardiff University’s Flagship Engagement launch at the Senedd this week, by kind invitation of Prof.Judith Hall, super-shepherd of people and projects.
Judith_Hall_Shepherding_Senedd_211014 First Minister Carwyn Jones and Prof Colin Riordan (Cardiff University Vice-Chancellor) were among those giving addresses, welcoming a delegation from Namibia University for the launch of the Phoenix Project which will see a number of medical and educational joint initiatives developing in the coming years.
Cardiff_University_partnerships_launch_SeneddFirst Minister Carwyn Jones listensFirst_Minister_Carwyn_Jones_Senedd_211014_CGlynn
This was an attempt to draw and hold a purposeful conversation at the same time:
Easier to capture snippets of other people’s conversations:
Best bit was watching people leave and clear up:
And the bar afterwards:
When I got home I recorded the news:21Oct14_NewsPage_CGlynn