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Temple_of_Peace_entrance_22Oct_2014_CGlynnHow to capture live presentations by combining reportage drawing and scribing? By kind invitation of Prof.Judith Hall of Cardiff University School of Medicine, I attended two launches of the Phoenix Project at the Senedd and the Temple of Peace and Health in Cardiff this week. Cardiff University and the University of Namibia are combining forces for initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa, in tandem with the Welsh Assembly Government’s Wales for Africa programme.
Introducing the project, Prof. Judith Hall of Cardiff University School of Medicine, explained how the Ancient Phoenicians had influenced her earlier studies, as scholars and adventurers who “were not afraid to look outside themselves.” Looking them up I found some ships and this from the Phoenician philosopher
Sanchuniathon: “From early youth we are accustomed to hearing falsified reports, and our minds have been saturated with prejudice for centuries, to the extent that we guard the fantastic lies like a treasure – so that in the end the truth becomes unbelievable and the lie appears to be true.”
Namibian Deputy Health and Social Service Minister, the Hon. Petrina Haingura, and University Registrar Alois Fledersbacher outlined the challenges faced by Namibian people and the abundant ways in which two universities and two populations of similar size might help each other, in the fields of communication, education, anaesthetics and maternity:
The previous evening at the Senedd, First Minister Carwyn Jones emphasised the importance of universities harnessing ‘every drop of talent’ in Wales, engaging with communities in Cardiff, Merthyr and Namibia:
Cardiff_University_partnerships_launch_Senedd I left both events feeling that illustration and other art forms should play a strong role in animating and communicating these projects to a wider audience.