BodyquencesGGlynnDec2012MedSo last night’s Karaoke went well, and Blind Potatoes, but you can’t go wrong with Exquisite Corpse – elegantly renamed Bodyquences by Gethin.  Google turns up a few scraps including this incomprehensible ode to boots:

“she said met a person who loved her you should not only make your kid wear lots clothes you can post just most something part the Net La plupart des cartes de cr they think tactuality haw be a retard in favoringassessmenting and senarthrosismarkg your adjustment… UGG UK have been popular ever since they produced the line keeping the foot dry and at bodyquence du niveau de consommation  you always will be very comfortable Appearance”  That’s good to know. net/bbs/boke.asp?coay4w3r9.showtopic.4168.html 

Tactuality must be ripe for adoption by self-help… no it’s already in use:

Tactuality is alternative authoritative use of mom in adjustment to usually end up getting tankinis nowadays, every produced partially contrarily, We wish dejection and reds and purples and blacks and greens and heaven advice Plus Size Lingerie us, golds,anyhow, actuality’s what you accept to accede if arcade for superior pantyhose.
It has a ablaze, abstruse and attenuate activity and altogether displays the admirable curves of women,00 elsewactuality, The afterwardsward all-around check bathing clothing has dependable aqua a marriage ring via the top rated and asable-bodied lower superior…”

Best draw a veil over the rest.