More leftover ink… I was delighted to obtain a copy of John Glashan’s World by the creator of Genius (Anode Enzyme) in the Observer Magazine and other hilarious cartoons for The Spectator.  In his introduction he writes:
“While serving my apprenticeship… it occurred to me that the cartoon form had the potential for something wider-ranging that the three patterns in current usage: the political cartoon, the single joke, the strip cartoon.
A picture, with the addition of writing, as part of the design could form a condensed short story. A series of pictures, varying in size, could be a miniature play. This provided me with the incentive to try and devise a new method of drawing – to allow a picture I had formed in my mind, to drop, as if by accident, on to the paper.  In the way a musician plays an instrument, I would play the drawing.”  And this:
“I have discovered that the nearer humour approaches seriousness, the funnier it will be. ‘Being funny’ is not funny. Humour is seriousness in disguise.
John Glashan (1927-1999)