Bought a 1946 reprint of this splendid pre-WW2 survey of architectural history by Osbert Lancaster in Bayntun’s in Bath ( ‘Pillar to Post, or The Pocket-Lamp of Architecture’. Beneath the dust jacket, this image of M. & Mme. le Corbusier and their 20th Century Functional House. He writes: “It remains a style of which any thoughtless disparagement is to be heartily deplored; let us withold our criticism and regard it as a means rather than an end. Once we have ceased thinking of it as a completely developed style in itself, its minor faults – that passion for pavement lights, that tendency to cantilever for the sake of cantilevering – become of small importance.”  He offers sharp, witty depictions of Municipal Gothic, Pont Street Dutch and ‘By-Pass Variegated’.